Retail Businesses

Do you want coffee with that trim? You may not think of high-end gourmet coffee while you are sitting in a chair at a beauty salon or barber shop getting your hair done but it is exactly the right kind of high traffic location our Italian made, automated specialty coffee dispensers are designed for. Due to size constraints, locations such as barber shops and hair salons may not have company staff rooms or lunch rooms and those types of employee and staff areas are shared in a more common area with customers and clients. This can pose a potential problem if the location provides free or discount coffee for employees but charge customers and clients.

Our gourmet coffee systems can take all North American coin combinations, provides change and can be fitted with an optional bill acceptor or credit card acceptor. It also takes tokens which could be provided to staff while customers and clients would pay using cash or credit.

On top of all this we are the only coffee systems capable of producing high quality traditional Italian espresso without requiring the expertise of a trained barista and using our ‘bean to cup’ system provides a perfect cup – at the push of a button.